Epitas Software LLP wins Best Exhibitor Award
| 29/September/2017

In the modern age that is defined and run by technology, it is not very surprising if someone invents something new. Every minute a technological invention takes place in some part of the world, an idea takes birth. However, there are some inventions that rock the world of technology and blow your mind away. It is inventions like these that were displayed at the recently held Bengaluru Tech Summit.

While each and every invention was unique in its own way, there wasone that won the hearts of everyone present there. It was the Speculo: Smart Mirror created by Epitas Software that bagged the position of the best exhibitor. Created with an objective to save time and make the daily tasks easier, this uber cool smart mirror lets people check their e-mail, weather updates and so much more as they go about doing daily chores like getting ready for the office, dusting etc.


The Speculo: Smart Mirror looks like any regular mirror hanging on a wall but it performs the functions that an ordinary mirror can’t. Not just respecting the physical space of your house but also your personal space, it has been carefully designed to give you daily updates without compromising on your privacy. There are other highlights of the Speculo: Smart Mirror from the display to its user interface. What more do you need?


Held at the Bengaluru Main Palace from 16-18 November, many interesting technological creations by various teams from all across the country were presented at the Bengaluru Tech Summit.


Epitas Software was able to reach the peak of excellence at the Bengaluru Tech Summit by winning the Best Exhibitor Award on the 17th of November 2017 for their brilliant invention. Stretching their creative limits with this one the team managed to impress the judges at the summit.


This Mangalore based organization also works in the fields of education, health care, research, and home automation. For those who are always in a search for something that can give them some extra time and security, for the busy bees, this is everything they need, Speculo: Smart Mirror. With such inventions taking place, the future of mankind looks bright and smart.